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Tooth Filling

Composite Fillings at Edge DentalMaintaining good oral hygiene is crucial for maintaining a healthy mouth. To keep your mouth healthy, it is recommended that you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. It is also recommended that you have your teeth professionally cleaned and examined every six months. Skipping any part of your oral care can lead to serious issues, including cavities. If a cavity does form, Edge Dental can help with a composite filling.

How Does a Cavity Form?

A cavity is a pit that forms in your tooth as a result of tooth decay. However, how do you get tooth decay in the first place? Decay occurs when acids from plaque and bacteria, as well as those from different foods and beverages, erode your tooth enamel. As the acids eat away at the enamel, they cause weak spots that eventually lead to cavities. Once a cavity forms, it cannot be reversed. It can, however, be treated. Moreover, one of the most common ways we do this is with a filling.

What is a Composite Filling?

Traditionally, cavities have been filled using a material called amalgam. This material is made up of a mixture of metals suspended in mercury. It has been used for over 150 years and is known for its ability to stand up to incredibly strong chewing forces. Despite its strength, however, amalgam has several major drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks is its silver color. The contents of these fillings also raise concerns for many patients. Some are allergic to metal, so cannot use these fillings. Others are wary of the mercury content.

We provide a metal-free and mercury-free alternative with composite fillings. These fillings use composite resin, which is made up of a mixture of fine glass, plastics, and other materials. While composite fillings do not have the same strength as amalgam, they can still withstand most normal daily use. However, their metal and mercury free ingredients make them a more suitable solution for many patients. Moreover, one the biggest draws of these fillings is that they are tooth-colored, so they provide a beautiful aesthetic solution for cavities, particularly for cavities that affect teeth in the front of your mouth.

How is a Composite Filling Placed?

The process for placing composite fillings is fairly straightforward. A composite filling requires only one visit and takes less than 30 minutes to complete. We begin by cleaning the affected tooth and drilling the decay from the cavity. After the tooth is cleaned, an acid etch is used to create a rough surface. This texture helps to enhance the bond between the composite resin and your tooth. The tooth is then washed and dried. We place the composite resin material in the cavity and cure it using a special light. Finally, the material is polished smooth to blend in perfectly with the rest of your tooth.

Benefits of Composite

Composite fillings provide several benefits, including
•  Matching the natural color of your tooth enamel. This allows the filling to blend in with the surrounding structure.
•  Because composite resin bonds with your tooth, less of the natural structure needs to be drilled away.
•  While not as strong as amalgam, the composite resin can stand up to normal daily use.
•  Composite resin does not contain any metals, nor does it have any mercury in it.

With a composite filling, we cannot only restore your oral health but the appearance of the affected tooth and the quality of your smile. Call Edge Dental at (281) 940-6960 for more information and to schedule your appointment today.

General and Cosmetic Dentistry

From crowns and bridges to periodontal care and extractions, Justin Lai, DDS offers a wide range of general and cosmetic dental treatments. If you have a dental concern, Dr. Lai will have a solution.

Edge Dental is equipped with digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras and 3-dimensional cone beam imaging to gain the best possible information about patient dental health. This enables Dr. Lai to view teeth, gum tissue and surrounding bone structures in high resolution from all angles. Based on findings, treatment plans are designed to optimize oral health with minimally invasive procedures.

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